5 St. Louis Themed Wedding Ideas

5 St. Louis Themed Wedding Ideas

So you want create a St. Louis wedding theme? First off, go you! We love that you love this city so much that you want it to be part of your special day.  Now to the fun stuff.  Having a St. Louis themed wedding gives you a lot of options to be playful and introduce fun into your celebration.  St. Louis is filled with unique venues, great food, and breathtaking locations.

1) Have Your Ceremony at an Iconic St. Louis Location.

Busch Stadium Wedding

St. Louis is home to some of the coolest and unique venues in the United States.  Are you a huge sports fan?  Get married in Busch Stadium.  Love animals? A St. Louis Zoo wedding might be the wedding for you.  Want your guests to have a ton of fun?  A City Museum wedding offers a one of a kind location that will ensure your guests have a smile on their face the entire time.  And we can’t forget about the arch – if you really want to show your love of St. Louis you can get married on a riverboat with a view of the Gateway Arch.

2) Create A St. Louis Themed Wedding Cake.

Saint Louis Wedding Cake
Blues Lovers Wedding Cake by Cakes By Georgia

With a little imagination, you can dream up a super sweet St. Louis themed wedding cake.  One local favorite, Cakes by Georgia, has made Cardinals and Blue’s themed cakes that are to die for.  Knodel’s Bakery created a beautiful cardinal themed cake for those looking for a little less of a sporty theme. De La Creme is known for their classically beautiful cakes and their style would lend it’s self well to a more subdued city inspired cake.

If you just want to add a small yet special touch of the Lou to your celebration, Etsy is a great place to shop for St. Louis cake toppers.

3) Get Your  Engagement Photos Taken at the Arch.

View of gateway arch by lake
Photo by Shawn Kenessey of Kenessey Photography

Nothing says St. Louis more than the beautiful Gateway Arch.  With the recent redesign of the arch grounds, it has become the perfect place to take engagement photos that will make your friends and family’s say wow.  Get photos taken by the two beautiful lakes with the arch in the background.  Walk to near-by Laclede’s landing and pose on the cobblestone streets amongst historic buildings.  Get a romantic shot on the levee with riverboats and the mighty Mississippi River in the background. Trust us, this is literally the PERFECT location for engagement photos.

Photographer Shawn Kenessey of Kenessey photo specializes in engagement photos at the arch.  He recommends asking your photographer to use a wide angle lens and take a shot directly under the arch at sunset to truly take advantage of the location.

4) Serve St. Louis Food Favorites at Your Wedding.

Toasted Ravioli

Food is one area you can get super creative with when planning your wedding.  If you have a lot of out of town guests why don’t you take this moment to introduce them to hometown favorites like toasted ravioli, Ted Drewe’s frozen custard, or St. Louis style pizza. St. Louis food is not boring so this is a great way to inject a little fun into your big day. We have even heard of people serving White Castles at their wedding.  Not only will out of towners love trying a taste of St. Louis, your local friends and family will get a chance to enjoy some of their favorite food.

5) Give Your Guests St. Louis Themed Wedding Welcome Bags.

Wedding welcome bags are your chance to show your gratitude to your out of town friends and family and help them get to know your city. Here are a few things you can add to a St. Louis themed welcome bag:

  • A set of laminated St. Louis specific recipes like gooey butter cake or recipes from restaurants on the hill
  • Tickets to the top of the Arch
  • An itinerary of all the great free attractions we have in the Lou
  • Bottles of Fitz’s root beer
  • Chocolate from Kakao or Bissinger’s
  • A cd of blue’s music from local musicians
  • A postcard with the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales on it
  • Candy from Crown Candy
  • A bag of Kaldi’s coffee
  • A Fred bird bobblehead

We hope this list of 5 St. Louis wedding ideas help you create a wedding infused with the spirit of this great city.  Did you incorporate St. Louis into your wedding?  Share what you did in the comments below and help inspire other St. Louis brides and grooms.

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