5 things you need to consider to have a successful wedding day

5 things you need to consider to have a successful wedding day

Where to start with your wedding? 5 things you need to consider to have a successful wedding day!


The best way to look at your wedding is as a stage upon which you and your spouse will be married and celebrated by friends and family. With that in mind, you can begin the process of selecting a venue. There are a lot of things to consider in a venue but try to find a modern well-updated location that is going to be the kind of place you want to remember. Not only will the venue you select be the place you say “I do” it will also be the place where all your photos are taken and all your memories are created. So it goes without saying that if you have the money for the venue of your dreams, then go for it!


You want your guests to enjoy themselves and a good meal goes a long way to putting smiles on their faces. Remember, many of your guests will travel a long distance to get to your wedding, show them some respect and gratitude by not skimping on the food. Also, don’t forget to request options for different dietary choices such as vegetarian and gluten-free menu items.


This is the person responsible for capturing the memories you will keep with you for a lifetime. When choosing a photographer get someone who has a style you like and has lots of clean and clear high-quality images in their portfolio. I also suggest hiring someone who shoots with a second photographer. It might cost a little more but having two people covering your wedding will go a long way to guaranteeing that all the major moments are documented for your wedding album.

Clothes, Hair, & Makeup

Of course, picking a wedding dress that inspires you is important, but don’t shy away from rentals. It’s not out of the ordinary at all to rent a dress or tux and it could save you a bundle of money up front that can be put towards other aspects of the wedding experience that you and your guests will appreciate. If you do have the money ordering custom tailored clothing guarantees you will look your best, but its far from a necessity. Again, just search out some options for renting and see if it meets your needs, if not, then spring for the custom clothes.

If you do go the options of a tailored dress and tux you’ll absolutely want to look your best which means professional hair and makeup done on site. A makeup artist guarantees you’ll have the perfect look!

Wedding Cake

When you buy a wedding cake you want something that looks good and tastes good, so check online reviews of bakeries on the internet before buying one. Keep in mind that the cake cutting ceremony is a very traditional photographic moment, so whatever cake you choose is going to be in the wedding album forever!

Shawn Kenessey is a St. Louis based Wedding Photographer. To schedule a portrait session or wedding with Shawn visit his website at www.shawnkenessey.com.

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