Rainbow Ranch Petting Zoo and Exotic Farm

Rainbow Ranch Petting Zoo and Exotic Farm

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This 170+ year old farm is a very special venue. The authentic barns, old farmhouse, spacious fields and friendly animals make Rainbow Ranch a gorgeous backdrop for the farm weddings. It’s perfect for couples who want something different, yet provide entertainment for the whole family. Kids can explore the farm and animals while the parents relax and play whiffle ball, bags, horseshoes or simply sit back with a cold beer at the bonfire. Imagine: your guests arrive and have a drink, explore the farm and chat about how beautiful the farm is. The bride comes out of the farm house or her Maid of Honor’s car. She walks down the wild-flower lined aisle. The ceremony takes places under the big beautiful trees in the front yard. Afterwards, while the bride has picture time, the guests stay busy wandering with drink in hand and pet the llamas, camels and goats. Kids run through the field and play tag or frisbee. The food and band get set up. When you return after the last shutter-click, everything is ready to go. The toasts occur and the party starts…


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