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The Last Hotel is a unique and historic wedding venue that is located in Saint Louis, MO. This destination is one with a proud heritage, preserved through beautiful restoration techniques. Originally starting its story in 1909 as the International Shoe Company, The Last Hotel has since been transformed and refurbished to welcome visitors from near and far. The furnishings that are housed within this establishment’s walls speak to its lengthy narrative, merging antique masterpieces with modern conveniences. The early 1900s saw the success of the International Shoe Company, and the 21st century sees the thriving reemergence of the building as The Last Hotel. The name itself pays homage to the previous inhabitants. In shoemaking, a last is a wooden product sculpted to take the shape of a human foot. This is what the material of a shoe, often leather, would be crafted around. The hotel took this nomenclature as using the last is considered one of the most important steps in the shoemaking process. As a community-focused establishment, The Last Hotel seeks to provide services full of soul, just as the last provides shape for a shoe. Guests of events held at this hotel will benefit from an atmosphere that is casually elegant, brimming with historic intrigue. There are 2 ballrooms that couples can choose from, as well as an assortment of smaller rooms should another type of space be required. Scrumptious food is provided on-site, making celebrations both fun and delicious. This hotel’s culinary team is pleased to offer clients flexible menu options. Couples will have the opportunity to work with Mia Casey, the director of catering at The Last Hotel, as they customize their food selection. This hospitable establishment and its team is ready to welcome guests and would be pleased to help couples on their wedding journey. For further information about rates, rooms, and packages, potential clients are encouraged to reach out to a hotel representative with their inquiries.


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