These St. Louis wedding photographers will have you in love with the photos from your wedding day. They will help capture every moment of the big day to form lasting memories that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime. Millions of happy couples agree that having the right wedding photographer with the experience and style you're looking for matters most. Our brides and grooms will love browsing our curated list of Wedding Photographers in St. Louis to find the photo studio you can collaborate with and tell the story of your special day.


Frequently Asked Questions About St. Louis Wedding Photography

How much does a wedding photographer charge?

St. Louis wedding photographers charge a wide range of prices. If you are looking for a cheap photographer expect to pay at minimum $2000 for one photographer, quality photos and photographic coverage on your wedding day. If you add on extra photographers, extra hours and custom arrangements the price will be higher. Established photographers typically start around $3,000. For those of you who are looking to really invest in your wedding photography you can expect to pay $6,000 to $15,000.

Many photographers will include an engagement session in your photography package for free once you have made a down payment. This is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer, understand their style of shooting and will help you feel more comfortable on your big day.

Why does wedding photography cost so much?

If you only took into account the actual hours of shooting on your wedding day, wedding photography might seem expensive. However, wedding photographers also spend a lot of time editing your photos, ensuring your wall art & prints are made with care, and traveling back and forth from venues and engagement shoot locations. They also must ensure that equipment insurance and equipment costs are paid for. You are not paying for just the act of photography but the creation of heirloom pieces that you and your loved ones will enjoy for the rest of your life. Your photographer must play the role of both artist and business person which are both of great value.

What are some good places in St. Louis to get engagement photos taken?

Your wedding photographer should be able to recommend good places for your engagement session. Your photographer will typically know the rules & regulations around specific locations as well as the best place to get great shots for your engagement pictures. Look for places that help to tell your love story.

Want some engagement photography location ideas right now? Forest Park and Tower Grove Park are popular locations for engagement sessions. You can also check out this list of lesser known engagement session locations created by St. Louis wedding photographer Shawn Kenessey for more ideas.

How much of my wedding budget should I spend on wedding photography?

This is really an individual choice. Photography is one of those things that grows in value with time. If documenting your life together is important for you it is worth investing in high end wedding photography. If you are simply looking to get basic coverage you can go for a cheaper photographer. Take a look at your priorities for you big day to help you determine the best amount of your budget to invest in your wedding photos.

Can I hire a St. Louis Wedding photographer for a destination wedding?

Absolutely! Many St. Louis wedding photographers enjoy traveling and will work out a custom plan for a destination wedding. Working with a local photographer gives you a chance to meet them before your wedding and let's you really plan out what you want covered during your destination wedding. Keep in mind that you will need to cover travel costs for the photographer.

What if I don't know how to pose or don't like posing?

If you don't like posing let your wedding photographer know that right away. They can walk you through the poses you want to get and you can discuss creating a plan for getting more candid photos throughout your big day.

If you are simply worried about posing, look for a photographer that can help with that. Photographers are used to people feeling nervous around posing and can help you and your wedding party relax and have fun while you are getting your pictures taken.

Can I have photos taken during my ceremony?

Typically most venues and churches allow photography during the ceremony but you will need to check with the venue on where they allow the photographers to be as well as if Flash can be used. Most venues are very well versed in this and will work directly with your wedding photographer to ensure they understand the rules of the venue.